Forbes Island, an iconic vessel: a floating island with rocky shoals, docks to safely tie up to, sandy paths, and its own palm tree grove.

There’s a vintage diesel engine in its own small shed, a pilothouse with the ship’s wheel that can double as a serving station, decks for lounging, and a tiki room. The island has a captain’s stateroom, kitchen/prep area, 10 seat bar,  lounge with fireplace, space for large group gatherings, two bathrooms, a wine cellar, beautiful stained glass porthole windows, and submerged portholes for underwater viewing. Plus a lighthouse. It’s simply amazing!

It was once an extravagant private residence and then a highly rated restaurant on the San Francisco waterfront. Now, we are giving it a new life in the beautiful waters of the California Delta at Holland Riverside Marina. Please shop our store to help fund the restoration work!